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Island Grove Announces Expansion Through Strategic Partnership with MBG Marketing and Berry Blue

Island Grove, a world-renowned leader in the production of quality blueberry plants, is thrilled to announce the creation of Island Grove Blueberry Nursery and expansion of its nursery operations through a strategic partnership with MBG Marketing and its plant genetics affiliate, Berry Blue. This alliance will bolster the existing portfolio of plant varieties available to growers by increasing production capacity, improving distribution reach, and allowing introduction of new and proprietary southern highbush plant varieties that produce superior quality blueberries.

Over the years, Island Grove has firmly established itself as a trusted producer of the highest-quality blueberry plants. Island Grove Blueberry Nursery will continue to build upon that experience and tradition of excellence. Our commitment and service go far beyond just providing a plant. We have strong roots in the blueberry industry since we are growers too. We support our fellow growers from field preparation, through planting, all the way through to the harvest season. This dedication to quality and success on the farm has earned the trust and respect of growers throughout the world.

"Our expansion with MBG Marketing is a significant milestone in our journey. Together, we will further elevate the standards of blueberry cultivation and distribution, and we are incredibly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead," said Jerod Gross, General Manager of Island Grove Blueberry Nursery.

MBG Marketing, with its vast grower network and strong presence in the blueberry industry, also brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Island Grove Blueberry Nursery. The cooperative's rich history of serving the needs of the blueberry industry aligns perfectly with the mission of providing growers with superior plants.

Island Grove Blueberry Nursery looks forward to a ‘fruitful’ partnership with MBG Marketing. Together, the two industry giants aim to set new benchmarks and bring unparalleled value to growers and consumers alike.

For more information or press-related inquiries, please contact:

Grizel Hernandez


About Island Grove Blueberry Nursery

Island Grove Blueberry Nursery specializes in producing top-tier blueberry plants and strives to maintain the highest standards and best practices in research and sustainability. Owned and operated by those with deep roots in the blueberry industry, Island Grove Blueberry Nursery strives to set standards that surpass industry norms. That commitment will make it the preferred choice of growers in the Southeast and across the nation. With privileged access to premier resources and genetics, Island Grove Blueberry Nursery strides boldly towards creating a sustainable, high-yielding future for blueberry plants.

About MBG Marketing

MBG Marketing is a grower-owned blueberry & blackberry marketing cooperative with a presence in eight states and British Columbia. MBG’s essential resources & services allow its member-owners to focus on growing delicious and good-for-you berries. As the largest grower-owned marketer of fresh highbush blueberries in the world, MBG markets both blueberries and blackberries under the globally recognized Naturipe® brand. MBG is an owner of Naturipe®, along with three other grower partners, and is also a partner in MB Global Foods. MBG proudly owns and operates its own blueberry breeding program, Berry Blue LLC, which utilizes one of the largest databases of blueberry plant genetics anywhere.

About Berry Blue LLC

Berry Blue LLC is a plant genetics company that specializes in the development of new and improved varieties of northern and southern highbush blueberries. The company’s breeding program focuses on creating berries that are high-yielding, machine harvestable, disease-resistant, and have superior flavor and shelf life. They use traditional as well as modern breeding methods to identify the underlying genetic components associated with economically important traits and accelerate the breeding process.

Berry Blue collaborates with universities and other research institutions to further advance the breeding program. The company licenses its proprietary varieties to nurseries, growers, and distributors in the US and internationally, and works closely with their customers to ensure the success of their plants.

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