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At Island Grove Nursery, we specialize in serving the needs of commercial growers. Our commitment is to be your trusted partner on your journey to success. We offer a wealth of resources within our experienced team and maintain strong connections with leading blueberry breeding programs. Our mission is clear: to support our valued commercial growers in realizing the full potential of their investments through the superior quality and guidance provided by our blueberry plants. Your success is our priority, and we're here to nurture it every step of the way.


At our core, we're dedicated to fostering a profound connection with every customer. We believe in a collaborative journey where your vision is our compass. That's why we offer the unique opportunity for our seasoned sales experts to personally visit your farm, ensuring we're aligned with your goals.

For us, it's about more than just supplying a plant; it's about becoming your partner from field preparation through planting and into the bountiful harvest season. As fellow farmers, we intimately understand the significance of securing your investment, and our years of experience provide the peace of mind you seek. Rest assured, we're committed to standing by your side as you grow and flourish.



We pride ourselves on delivering an entirely personalized experience. Each order is meticulously custom-grown, a process that begins with in-depth consultations to precisely understand your unique business requirements.

Our custom-grow program is the cornerstone of our commitment, ensuring not just any plant, but the right plant for your needs. It's a promise of field-ready excellence, providing you with the confidence to secure labor and prep your fields well in advance, ensuring a seamless planting season.

Furthermore, we specialize in cultivating specialty sizes and varieties to match the specific demands of every farmer. We believe that your success begins with a plant that's tailored to perfection.


At Island Grove Nursery, we're dedicated to ensuring your planting season is nothing short of outstanding. Our propagation cycles are meticulously timed to deliver fresh plants boasting robust root systems, perfectly suited for fall or winter planting.

Powered by cutting-edge greenhouses, we produce over 2 million plants each season, guaranteeing that we have the precise varieties you need, precisely when you need them.

But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to plant quality. Our highly experienced propagators, with over two decades of expertise, pour their hearts into every plant's journey, from inception to the final grading stage. Their expertise is the backbone of our promise to deliver the highest quality plants in the industry.

With 20+ years of experience anchoring our standards, you can rest assured that you're not just receiving plants; you're receiving the Island Grove standard of excellence, from the very roots to the highest branches of your farming success.

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