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Our Roots are Strong.

Our mission goes beyond just providing plants; it's about fostering a community of like-minded farmers and friends who share a passion for cultivating exceptional blueberries.


Our services go far beyond just providing a plant. We are there for you from field prepping, through planting, to the harvest season

The custom grow program we run ensures a guaranteed field ready plant. We also grow specialty sizes or varieties to fit the specific needs of the farmer.

Our propagation cycles are dedicated to ensure your plants are fresh and with strong root systems for your fall or winter planting season.

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With deep roots in the blueberry industry dating back to 1995, we're not just a part of it; we live and breathe it. Our identity is rooted in farming, and this profound understanding of every facet of agriculture sets us apart.


We've set the bar, and we're committed to reaching it every single day.

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